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Dr. Logan Sparks
A Journey and an Offering 


If you have benefited from talk-therapy, but are seeking a way of transforming your difficulties that is new, embodied, imaginative, participatory and even ceremonial, spend some time with me in this space and let's see how I can potentially be of service to you.


I seek to serve you in healing your relationships not only familial and romantic, but your relationship with your ancestral inheritance and yourself. I am a student, both of the planet's healing traditions and its emerging modalities for the repair of the soul. I serve to repair and enliven love. My apprenticeship has taken me to Mexico, Native America, South Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, and the journey goes on. I've never stopped being a student and I never stop passing on what I receive to you.

My main modality is Family and Systemic Constellations and you will learn more about that on this site. I was born in a small town in Alabama, grew up mainly in Southern California and launched my life as an expat at 19. I now live in the Southwest of the US and travel to learn and share the art of reconnection that is the constellation methodology. I am also a social scientist and so have an understanding of human behavior and culture that encompasses the mind and the heart.

I also serve by co-learning/teaching the Indigenous peoples of the US, through the Bureau of Indian Education.

I continue learning through my research at the University of Barcelona and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona where I do advanced research on relational dynamics.


My main tool is known as Family and Systemic Constellations.


Family and Systemic Constellations

Your Life and Relationships, Re-experienced

Are you aware that almost all of your problems are relational in some way or another? You may be struggling financially, dealing with depression, or with disorientation in your life projects. Being part of a constellation workshop or one on one sessions, will show you the hidden dynamics in your relationships (first and foremost in your family of origin and ancestry) that are sabotaging and challenging your wellness. In my experience, this is the best modality for doing this  deep systemic dive and coming back up with the sorts of pearls that you never could have found on your own! It's an amazing process without parallel, developed by the German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger and further developed by a number of teachers around the world over the last decades. I have been learning with these innovators for over a decade, now. 

What happens if you come to one of my workshops?

You have two options for each workshop: To have your own constellation or to be a learning participant.

You also have the possibility of working with me one on one. 

If you request a constellation, our group and facilitators will come together to do beautiful work for you in the "knowing field." That means that you will tell my your difficulty either privately or in front of the workshop participants, depending on your comfort level. From there we will decide how wet re going to represent your relational difficulty, whether it's a romantic, familial, work or other problem. We can even constellate your relationship to a place or a general element of your life, like work or money, if needed. 

You will choose workshop participants to represent the elements of your issue. After placing them in the center of our space, you will see the representatives move and express the feelings of the people and elements they stand for. Many people are shocked by the ways in which, without knowing the person they stand in for, a representative will express feelings that only the constellating client would know about. At other times, dynamics hidden even from the client emerge and change her or his perception radically, at times addressing decades old wounds in new and life-changing ways.

If you come to learn and participate, rather than constellate for yourself, you will step into the field to represent the scenarios and loved ones of others. In that process you experience an identification with another person that can be amazingly informative in your own life and relationships.

You will also learn the systemic principles behind healthy relationships that you can apply in your own life after experiencing the dynamics in the field.  I teach these monthly, for much of the year in workshops that help to understand the guiding principles behind this fascinating process, which you can apply in your own life, even outside of the workshop space. 

Join me. 

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