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More about Constellations and Similar Topics 

Entering the Knowing Field

Few people in North America know much about family and systemic constellations or how they can help them, By far, most constellation works goes on in Latin America, Southern Europe and Germany, the country where it began, with the innovative work of Bert Hellinger.

My experience and observation has been that the constellation process rests more easily on a worldview that sees family and relationships as the key to mental health.  In North America and in many wealthy places in the world, the wellness of individuals is often seen as a personal development process that, at most, involves a therapist. It may also be seen as a process that involves judging one's family of origin and the damage received from parents. While we may indeed need to heal from certain traumatic experiences from childhood, it is the experience of family constellators that our roots are actually the source of healing, when we relate to them in the right way, in a good systemic order. 

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