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Services: A Few Main Routes to Grow

Relational Repair and Healng

One area of focus that you can choose when working with me is relational repair and healing. This may be because you are seeking a new romantic relationship or you are not sure whether to stay in your current relationship, among other concerns. Other types of relationships may also feel urgently important to clarify.  

Our systemic sessions will clarify where you have come from and where you are going so that you can find what you are looking for, whether that is a deeper freedom, deeper relatedness, or both! 

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Systemic Dream Interpretation 

Do you have an interest in your dreams? Would you be interested in applying an entirely new modality to understand the images, symbols, people and sensations in your dreams?


If so, I invite you to join us for the unique experience of constellating your dreams, also known as systemic dreamwork. 


How is systemic dreamwork different from other forms of dream analysis?


The most significant difference is that we will have the experience of embodying figures and elements of your dream, through a process called a “constellation.” (Below you will see what the process is like in a group. This is also frequently done in one-to-one sessions, in a slightly different way.)


1)The first step is that you will bring a dream, or set of dreams that you want to work with, to the group format of this workshop.


2)Together, you and I (the facilitator) will begin to comb through your dream, to find what has the strongest resonance for you and where the crux of your learning is. In this part of the process we will be using our intuition, together. This is the first layer of interpretation. 


3) From there, we will begin to request members of the group to represent the significant elements of your dream. This is what is meant by the term “constellate” from the German psychological term, “aufstellen.” 


4) A set of relationships and stories start to “constellate” themselves through the feelings, movements, and perceptions of the people representing elements of your dream. Both you and the representatives will interact in ways that will bring  to light feelings and insights that you could not have accessed on your own. This may be a very brief or a complex intervention. 


5) Finally, we will bring all of this together and see how it applies to your life. What does the interpretation that has emerged from the field of the constellation experience mean for you? What elements do you need to take away to understand yourself and our life better? What choices can you make in harmony with dream-knowledge, that will help you to be happier? What is unseen in your own being and in the systems you are part of such, as work, family, ancestry, or natural environment? What can you do now that you have brought this to life and to conscious awareness? There may be medicine for your relationships, work, and all aspects of personal and spiritual development, to be found in your dreams. 

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