Kintsugi and the Mending of the Soul

"Gold is precious. When we use gold to restore the cracks, it means we accept the cracks, the object's imperfections."

This weekend I finished a course on Systemic Ritual (therapeutic ceremony that has family constellations as its framework) at Instituto Luz Sobre Luz, in Mexico City, with Málika Ángela González as our teacher. It was a transformative set of classes, to say the very least. Amina Edlín Ortiz Graham came to our last session and presented on the topic of Kinstugi as a metaphor for the healing process, adding to our knowledge on the history of the artistic process. I was touched by the power of metaphor to change the way we look at our own pain and the way the soul can respond differently to it, with these impactful images in hand. This video adds yet more layers of lacquer and gold.