Movements that Strengthen, Movements that Weaken

I want to share that perhaps the most powerful tool that I have received from the work of Bert Hellinger is the experience of movements that strengthen and movements that weaken. I intend to keep discussing this in my workshops to enable you to notice them as a fantastic decision-making intuitive skill (and far beyond that). Just briefly, in terms of the limited space here, we are constantly in soul level movements that come from our psycho-emotional choices (conscious and semi-conscious). We may choose, for example, to reject or embrace something or someone. Sometimes this is so consequential that we can become sensitive to whether that movement nurtures us or drains us. You may be suprised that feelings you firmly want to hang onto (usually a rejection of some aspect of life) and which seemed entirely logical, are weakening and draining you. This often becomes clearer in a constellation. I have recently had to choose a movement that strengthens in the face of a very challenging situation and it has not been easy. Discomfort we are not willing to feel is often the catalyst for a shrinking back away to death and weakness. But, as I come out of the cloudy obscurity of this process, that felt like a brief journey through the 'valley of the shadow of death' forcing me to confront old stories, I know that I am stronger for being willing to feel and stay in motion. I can feel it in my bones. Upon that, a life can be built. And what else are we here to do?

Image Credit: Jose Vela Zanetti